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From chrome to hardcrome plating, grinding, general machining, and valve bodies and spools, Tucson Arizona's Triangle Industrial Corporation offers some of the largest capabilities in the country. We offer durable harchrome plating for longer life and better wear resistance for components such as off-shore and heavy equipment hydraulic rods and tubes. Rolls for all industry, especially paper and printing rolls which can be finished up to 2 RMS. Other components such as spindles, journals, pump shafts, pins, and bearing areas are repaired at Triangle Industrial Corporation.

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Full-Service Engineering, Fabrication and Repair Services

Triangle Industrial Corporation is the largest hard chrome plating operation in the Rocky Mountain Region. We can plate parts up to 48' in length and grind parts up to 55' in length. We offer both ID and OD hard chrome plating

Our full-service machine shop can repair or engineer and fabricate your hydraulic cylinders, rods or other components as required. We have fabricated cylinders with strokes up to 40' in length and have hones capable of honing up to 40' in length and 28” in diameter. We can also repair pumps, motors and valves.

Our Fabrication Group can fabricate your weldment with precision. The Water Jet Group offers cutting services for a variety of thicknesses and materials. The Engineering Group is equipped with the latest CAD and Stress Analysis software to assist you in your design or failure analysis needs. In addition, we are also a stocking distributor of chrome rod and honed tubing.


Weld Fabrication, Water Jet Cutting and Engineering
New capabilities and services added to serve you. Read more >  
Honing Capability
We have increased our honing capability, up to 40 feet and diameters up to 28"!  
Cat 797B Spindle Repair
Cat Haul Truck Spindle 797B
We now have the capability to repair all of the Cat haul truck spindles. Even the huge 797B as pictured.